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Portfolio You look for it? We have it! An extensive range of special cables completes our portfolio. So different and varied our cables and wires are, so wide-ranging are our products on the national and international markets – all together in 65 countries. Do you already know our brand Semoflex®? It symbolizes long product life and thus reliability. PUR cables Our PUR cables increase safety on your construction site. You get our PUR cables in various colors such as yellow, orange, red, blue or green – each one directly from our warehouse with short delivery times and already from small quantities. Reeling cables We developed out Semoflex® Drum for outdoors use. By using new materials we have been able to achieve a considerable reduction in weight and diameter, as well as longer service lives than traditional reeling cables. Lift control cables As a long-term partner in lift construction we can prepare construction for the highest load and flexibility with long service lives. Our cables can be delivered in a range of versions – shielded or partly shielded. Flat cables If it has to be flexible and space saving, our flat cables come to the fore. They are suitable for power and control lines. We have cables available exstock which are shielded, cables featuring carrier elements as well as cables as combination versions.