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Spiral cable and special manufacture

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Spiral cable request Strong cable, strong service per e-mail to or under Reliable advice, a wide selection of quality cables and friendly service since 1978! Company address We are your partner for PUR cables, electronic cables, spiral cables and manufacture. We do not just pride ourselves on the quality, flexibility and reliability of our products, but also on the years of experience, which we have gained in a range of sectors. We dispose an own production of spiral cables and have an extensive warehouse for special cables. We offer a wide range of customised and flexible cable technologies – also for your project. Spiral cable type Semoflex® H05(07)BQ-F ... are suitable for the highest mechanical demands outdoors and in situations, for example for robots, high-performance machinery and lifting platforms and also drills. Long service life and good rebound characteristics are the features of this spiral cable. Spiral cable type Semoflex® Roboschlepp® ... are flexible and extremely robust, for this reason they are suitable the highest mechanical demands, for example for robots, high-performance machinery and lifting platforms and also drills and screw drivers. By the special Semocore core insulation this spiral cable is especially heat-resistant. First name, name Phone number E-Mail Assure yourself! Spiral cable type Semoflex® PVC / PUR Spiral cable type Semoflex® Elektronik Managing Director Andreas Baude ... are distinguished by their long service life and they are often a well optical and creative solution. Fields of application for example are cash register connection lines, high-value kitchen and household appliances, lamps and lighting tracks. ... unshielded or shielded, for example in medical electronics, machinery controls and in the automotive field, for measurement tools and position switch connections. With its PUR sheathing and Semocore core insulation high restoring forces and a long service life are also achieved for spiral cables with a core diameter from 0.14 to 0.50 mm 2 . Quantity Sheath colour Number of cores and cross-section (G with gn/ge - X without gn/ge) mm Closed lenght (WL) or Extended length (without straight end AE1 and AE2) mm² Spiral cable type PVC H05VVH8-F Spiral outer diameter Your advantages • Individual customer solutions • Production is possible from 1 piece • Unlimited applications • High reset power • Range of temperature between - 40 °C up to + 90 °C, depending on basic materials • Long service life • Short delivery times ... are used in cases of low mechanical and average chemical demands and for areas, where a good, long lasting recovery capability is not an absolute requirement. Especially when using lit advertising media, small electronic appliances, kitchen appliances and electrical appliances for bodily care, these low-priced spiral cables are the preferred choice. Straight end AE1 Dismantled length Stripped length Type of plug Type of manufacture mm mm mm mm mm AE2 mm mm mm mm mm